Caring For A Men’s Suit

A suit is one of the most expensive items in most men’s wardrobes, and whether it’s an off-the-rack, bespoke or custom-tailored suit it’s important that you know how to care for and clean a men’s suit. Here are a few tips that will ensure your suit looks it’s best between trips to the dry cleaner.

Rotate Your Suits

Wearing the same suit over and over will cause it to show wear, some time off the body and on a hanger will help a suit keep its shape and allow it to air out.

Invest in a Suit Brush

Brushing is the best way to remove any dirt, dust particles or food before it sets into the fabric. Use a clothing brush that is made of natural fibers, brush the suit by going against the grain of the cloth using short, quick strokes. Finish by brushing with the grain. If you don’t have a clothing brush, a lint roller can also work well.

Hang it Up

As we mentioned earlier, your suit needs to hang between wearings. What it hangs on is also important. It is best to use a round-shouldered wood hanger, it will help the suit keep its shape and allow it enough space to air out.

Avoid Ironing

Never us a dry iron, they are too hot and can burn the fabric’s fine fibers. Steaming opens up the fibers to prevent funky smells and can take out minor stains and marks.

Don’t Load the Pockets

Loading up the pockets not only throws off the silhouette, but over time will stretch out pocket liners and can alter the shape of the suit.

Seasonal Suit Storage

f you have seasonal suits, it’s important to have them cleaned prior to being put away for the season. When storing, they should always be kept in a cloth suit or garment bag, which will allow air to circulate.


When and How to Clean

Dry Cleaning is the very best cleaning method for basic cleaning and stain removal from a men’s suit. There is no exact science that tells when it’s time to have your suit dry cleaned. A good rule of thumb to follow is to have it dry cleaned when brushing, airing out and spot cleaning are not removing the odors or dirt anymore. If you rarely wear a suit, it could be as little as once a year, if you wear your suit more often it will be more frequently.

Choose the Best Dry Cleaner

Not all dry cleaners handle clothing the same. Choose a reputable dry cleaner, like Omaha Lace Cleaners that use gentle dry cleaning solvents that won’t strip the fibers of their natural oils. Here at Omaha Lace Cleaners and at our sister brand Fashion Cleaners, we use only GreenEarth and System K4 solvents. Both are not only gentle on clothes but completely safe for the environment.

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