Handsome Man In Suit Dry Cleaned

Dry Cleaning

We know you want to look your best at all times.

Quality through craftsmanship sets Omaha Lace Cleaners apart from any other cleaners you may have visited. We bring our extensive experience and capabilities to our dry cleaning services.

Our Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Detailing: At Omaha Lace Cleaners, we prepare your garments for cleaning by measuring for blocking when required, button or ornament protection or removal, evaluating for serviceability, identifying stains for treatment, inspecting for damage and loose seams and more.
  • Stain removal: Our stain removal experts use both soaking and individual stain removal techniques implementing the most advanced technology available in the industry today.
  • Cleaning: We offer a range of specialized procedures including dry cleaning, wet cleaning and hand cleaning, utilizing extensive customized programs and the purest of solvents.
  • Hand finishing: Our finishing specialists are highly skilled and constantly improving their technique with on-going training by industry professionals.
  • Minor repair: Omaha Lace Cleaners offers repairs of loose hems, open seams, loose buttons and button replacement when necessary.
  • Inspection: A formal inspection of every item is performed during each step of the cleaning and finishing process to assure we have provided the finest in craftsmanship and attended to your preferences.
  • Presentation: Your garments are packaged using custom hangers and tissue and protected with clear poly storage bags to insure your clothes look their absolute best.


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