Linens and bedding cleaning at Omaha Lace Cleaners

Linens & Bedding

Treat your linens and beddings to the finest “Old World French Techniques” and preserve your favorite pieces for years to come.

  • Linens & Bedding: Nothing is better than slipping into a freshly cleaned and pressed set of your favorite sheets.  Our process maintains your sheets’ appearance and extends the life of your best bedding and linens.
  • Pillows and Comforters: Down-filled linens and pillows demand special care and cleaning.  Each piece is cleaned and sanitized.  Feathers are refreshed so that your favorite pieces are returned to their top condition.
  • Tablecloths and Fine Linens: Dining is a delightful experience and Omaha Lace will ensure that your linens are as beautiful as the meals you serve on them.  Our unique frame gently returns your tablecloths to their exact dimensions.  From Battenburg lace to fine embroidery, your delicate pieces receive specialized care.


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