Wedding Gown Storage Tips

 With many couples postponing their weddings, many brides who have ordered a gown and had it altered and delivered are faced with the task of storing their wedding gowns longer than initially planned. Most bridal salons will press and stuff your wedding gown with tissue to prevent wrinkling, which is great, if you’re planning to wear your gown within a month of picking it up.  Here we few wedding gown storage tips for before the wedding, both short term and long term.

Follow these steps for storing your wedding gown if your wedding is less than one month away when you pick up your gown:

  1. Make sure the gown is hung on a sturdy hanger by the loops inside the wedding gown. Those loops should be what is holding the gown on the hanger, not the delicate straps or shoulders of the gown.
  2. If the gown is delivered packaged in a plastic garment bag, you should remove it from that bag immediately and place it in a breathable cloth garment bag or even carefully cover it with a sheet. Plastic can hold moisture and may cause discoloration of the gown.
  3. Ensure the gown has plenty of space, so it doesn’t get crowed in the closet.
  4. Only store the gown in a cool, dry location with no direct sunlight. Most closets should work just fine, make sure children and animals do not have access to the area.
  5. As your wedding date approaches, take the gown out and inspect it carefully, if it has become wrinkled or creased, you should have it steamed right before your wedding day.

Follow these steps for storing your wedding gown if your wedding has been postponed for over 6 months:

  1. Using your bed or some other large flat service, carefully remove your gown from the bag it came in. 
  2. Lay the gown front facing down on your working surface.
  3. Using clean white towels, roll the towels to fill the bodice area. Then roll one towel to use at the fold.
  4. Place the additional rolled towel in a good spot to make the fold.
  5. Fold the bodice to be front facing over the skirt, and place the extra towel at this fold under the bodice above the skirt.
  6. Then carefully fold the extra skirt under at the tip of bodice (this will create a sort of accordion fold.
  7. Then very carefully tuck the entire gown into a large pillow case or breathable garment bag, Find a safe temperature controlled spot (like under the bed or on top a bed in spare room).
  8. As your wedding date approaches, take the gown out and inspect it carefully. It will then need to be steamed or pressed and hung properly so it is perfect for your wedding day. 
Omaha Lace Cleaners offers pre-wedding services such as gown steaming and pressing. We also have a special COVID offering pre wedding packaging, pressing and post wedding preservation.
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