What to Expect at a Wedding Dress Alteration Fitting

You’ve found the perfect wedding dress, and to make sure you have the ideal fit you’ll need to choose an alteration specialist and schedule a wedding dress alteration fitting. Whether you buy a gown from a sample sale or order it from the bridal salon, it will most likely need alterations of some kind. So first and foremost – try to choose your gown early in the wedding planning process. We recommend 9 months if possible. That should give you plenty of time to schedule a fitting for your wedding dress alterations.

Wedding Dress Alteration Timeline

Your first fitting should be scheduled about eight to ten weeks before your wedding date. If you foresee any significant fluctuation in your weight, you may want to let your seamstress know so she can set the timeline for fittings appropriately.

About the Wedding Dress Fittings

When you schedule your first wedding dress fitting, expect it to take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. This is the time you want to talk about precisely what you want to have altered and if you want any special additions such as a custom belt, bolero or sleeves.
Most wedding dress alterations require three fittings, the first will be the longest. The second will be to try on the dress with the adjustments. At this point, you and your seamstress can discuss if you like the way your wedding dress is fitting or if you need some minor changes. The third fitting should be the final fitting, this is when you and seamstress will make sure everything is perfect, and you will learn how to bustle the wedding dress, etc. properly.
What to Wear to a Wedding Dress Fitting
We recommend you bring the shoes you will be wearing to get the right length for the gown. If you don’t have the shoe yet, bring something similar; if you plan to wear heels, bring a heel the hight you think you will choose if you plan to ear flats, bring something similar.
It is also great if you have the undergarments with you. Strapless or backless bra, Spanx, etc. This way, your seamstress knows what will be under the gown. Alternatively, if your dress is strapless and backless, you may want to work with your seamstress to sew in cups or make special provisions so you won’t need to wear a bra.

Final Wedding Dress Alteration Tips

  1. If you find a gown on sale or at a sample sale that you love but doesn’t fit, try to opt for a larger size rather than smaller. It is always easier to take in than let out.
  1. If your gown requires extensive alterations, be prepared for more than the three fittings listed above.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for some customization, a good bridal gown alteration seamstress should be able to make most customizations to your gown.
We hope this helps you plan your wedding dress alteration timeline and helps you know what to expect when you are preparing for your fitting. If you have any specific questions, our bridal gown alteration specialists Kimberly and Masha can answer all your questions.
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