Wedding Veil Styles – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Wedding Veils

Choose The Perfect Wedding Veil To Finish Your Bridal Look

After your wedding gown, a wedding veil is one of the most defining aspects of your bridal appearance. Historically a veil was worn to protect the bride from evil spirits; nowadays it is simply considered a beautiful form of adornment. Today’s bride can choose any type of veil she desires. Here are a few of the most popular styles.



This style falls loosely over the bride’s face, The Blusher is often attached to a longer veil that trails down the back of the bride’s head and gown. The veil shown is a cage blusher.

Elbow length wedding veil


Multiple layers of fabric are usually used to fashion this type of veil, which extends to the bride’s elbows. The length makes the veil quite versatile, for a formal or less formal gown.

Mantilla Wedding Veil


Loose in structure and draped over the bride’s head and shoulders like a scarf, this veil is worn without a headpiece and is typically edged in lace.



Also referred to as ballet-length, this style varies in extent, falling anywhere between the bride’s knees and the ankles. It can be paired with a formal or less formal gown.



Typically made from a few layers of fabric, this style extends to the bride’s fingertips when her arms are resting at her sides.

CHAPEL Wedding Veil


Like the chapel train, this wispy veil grazes the floor, extending a bit more than two yards from the headpiece. Its length makes it one of the more formal styles.

Whatever style veil you choose, take care to handle it carefully and have it cleaned after the wedding. A veil can become a treasured heirloom, have it preserved when you have your gown preserved. Your veil really should be cleaned and stored correctly, it will discolor and weaken over time, just as your gown would. Learn all about Omaha Lace Cleaner’s MuseumCareTM preservation, Omaha Lace is Nebraska’s only member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists and our employees are rigorously trained in the finest techniques. See our preservation services.


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