How to Make a Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece

It’s almost Thanksgiving and we’re sure you’re busy putting together all the last minute details. Here’s a quick and easy DIY centerpiece you can create using a small pumpkin and your favorite fall flowers.

Simple Thanksgiving centerpiece made from a pumpkin

Step-by-step instructions to arrange flowers into a pumpkin to create a Thanksgiving centerpiece:

Materials needed

  • Floral Foam
  • Floral knife, Small Branch Cutter, Scissors
  • Small Pumpkin
  • Flowers of your choice
Materials needed to created a simple Thanksgiving centerpiece using a pumpkin

Step One

Soak the floral foam in a large bowl of water until it is thoroughly saturated.

Soaking floral foam to create a Thanksgiving centerpiece

Step Two

Clean out the pumpkin seeds so the entire cavity is clean of all seeds and seed membranes.

Cleaning out a pumkin to create a Thanksgiving centerpiece

Step 3

Line the cavity with heavy plastic wrap. Trim the excess wrap to the shape of the outside of the pumpkin. You need just enough hanging over to keep the plastic wrap from sliding out of place.

Preparing a small pumpkin to becaome a Thanksgiving centerpiece

Step 4

Place the floral foam into the lined cavity. (Trim corners as needed for a perfect fit)

Creating a Thanksgiving ceterpiece from a pumpkin

Step 5

Using a small branch cutter or scissors cut your flower stems to about 2 inches longer than you need them.

Cutting roses to be arranged into a pumkin for a Thanksgiving centerpiece

Step 6

Begin arranging – alternating between flowers and filler.

Arranging roses into a prepared pumpkin to be used as a Thanksgiving centerpiece
Adding flowers to a pumkin to be used as a Thanksgiving centerpiece


Your centerpiece is ready to be finished off with any sort of additional adornment you’d like to add.

Adding the final touch to a Thanksgiving centerpiece

This arrangement should last up to 5 days. If you feel the floral foam may be drying out, use a small watering can with a narrow long spout to add the water directly to the floral foam.

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