COVID Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation Package


Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation Package

About our COVID Wedding Package

Omaha Lace Cleaners understands 2020 has been hard on weddings, and my couples have had to have smaller mini weddings and reschedule the actual event for a date in 2021 or beyond.

For brides wearing their wedding gown to two events scheduled months to a year apart, it is important that the gown be cleaned and stored properly before the second event.

A wedding gown should never be hung for extended amounts of time, the weight of the gown can cause the gown to stretch and change form. It puts too much stress on the gown bodice. It is always best to store the gown flat or folded and properly stuffed with acid-free tissue or clean white towels.

Omaha Lace COVID-19 Cleaning and Preservation Includes the following:

After your first wedding:

  1. Your wedding gown cleaned, stored folded into an acid-free chest that will be returned to you to be stored until the bride’s rescheduled wedding.
  2. As the second wedding date approaches – the gown back to Omaha Lace in the chest, we will carefully remove it and keep the chest for later use.
  3. The gown will be steamed or pressed so it is ready to be worn for the second ceremony/reception.
  4. Pick-up your gown the day before your wedding or let us deliver it directly to your wedding venue on the day of your wedding.

After the second wedding is over:

  1. Bring the gown back to Omaha Lace Cleaners
  2. The gown will be cleaned and preserved and put back into the same acid-free preservation chest that was used for storage.

Package Price Starts at $595 for all services listed above.

Find out more about our preservation process

Preserved Wedding Gown Properly Packed in Archival Box at Omaha Lace Cleaners

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